Medical Business

In collaboration with medical facilities in each country,
we provide an environment that allows people around the world
to receive medical treatment equally regardless of their race, culture, or nationality.

Features of Medical Business

  • Providing the highest quality of treatment plans in Japan even to people from overseas.
  • We work together with local legal experts in each country to resolve medical treatment troubles that arise between domestic medical facilities and foreign patients.
  • Arranging high-level medical interpreter at any time is possible.

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M&A Consulting Business

Based on M&A requests from major overseas companies, funds, etc., we propose optimal matching with Japanese companies.
Our local subsidiaries also provide low-cost support for small to mid-sized Japanese companies expanding overseas.

Features of M&A Consulting Business

  • We have consultants, accountants, lawyers, etc. who are skilled in M&A between Japan and China, so you can conduct transactions with peace of mind.
  • We provide overseas expansion for small to mid-sized companies with a running cost of 0.
  • Through our collaborations with marketing firms who have powerful presences overseas, we support our customers' market expansion.

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Real Estate Business

We provide asset utilization for customers from the point of view of real estate investment.


  • We support the buying and selling of apartments with compartmentalized ownership for investment.
  • We support CRE strategies for small to mid-size companies.
  • Our specialists provide consulting regarding real estate investment.

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Trade Distribution Business

By distributing superior Japanese products through our company's overseas sales routes,
we can deliver your products directly to your overseas customers.


  • A proposal of test-marketing methods for the Chinese market.
  • Introducing sales partners of the China side.
  • We will refer you to overseas buyers to purchase your company's products.

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Creative Business

Our creators who boast a great number achievements will provide proposals
to resolve customers’ issues and connect directly to business.

Features of Creative Business

  • Establish branding and make proposals to go along with it.
  • Proposals from sales promotions to store design.
  • Proposals for website creation, SEO, and other effective WEB strategies.
  • Comprehensive proposals including company guidance and catalogs.

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